Special heroes

updated 2 months ago

Besides the Nemesis and Survivor or Assassin and Sniper, we chose to continue the work of MeRcyLeZZ and add other heroes with divine abilities.

  • the ghost, as it is called this hero, presents itself as an entity that can pass through the walls
  • can throw flames
  • capable of invoking killer locusts to destroy the enemy from a distance
  • we continue the tradition and call it ‘the knifer’ mainly because its blade causes huge damage
  • the friction of knife on the floor or walls also creates a shock wave that will throw off enemies at impressive distances and will hurt them
  • throws ice balls, flies and… it is invincible because only a professional can knock him down
  • this mutant gained more power as a result of an ‘out of control experiment’ from an extraterrestrial lab, so it is very evil
  • he can throw 4 bombs in the air that will hurt all survivors from a certain radius
  • creates an attraction portal, also called the black hole of the Oberon, which attracts people around it
  • coming from the Forest of the 1001 spirits, this entity is very capable
  • invisible when he is not hurt by the bullets of humans, he lurks the survivors, and at the slightest touch of his claws turns them into his children (nchild)
  • the latter will receive an evil aura, and will follow their father will, also giving him all the benefits of this action
  • when the number of people drops, the powers of the nighter diminish, having to become a nchild
  • the struggle continues, this time being among all the heroes
  • nemesis, survivor, genesys, oberon, nighter, dragons, all gather together for victory over the universe
  • team struggle can be better harnessed, isn’t it?
  • this time, Balrog and Survivors join forces against the evil

Well, this mode works in two phases:

  1. Salvation: God sends two guardians of souls to save the planet by disinfection …
  2. The sin: It seems that mankind has sinned again, as a result of which no more zombies have appeared.