Servers management

Meet the most advanced system in terms of game servers management.

Manage servers
Activity logs

We make it possible for you to know the entire activity of the server you manage in order to have a better resolution besides any newer or older issue.

Accuracy first

Always display what matters. Alter independently your server settings to show real, correct and up to date information for your players.

Sanction builder

Make your job as a manager way more easier. Build, customize and code sanctions to fulfill your server requirements.

Multiple managers

Increase your server authority by adding custom permissions to your friends. Rethink the way you manage your server and create a nice game play.


Regulate your server documentation with the most recent and up to date information. Help yourself by explaining publicly how things works.

Financial statistics

Find out more about your server attractivity, see what items are the most valuable, withdraw funds and schedule the next phase for your server in marketplace.

servers management illustration

Requests resolver

Our in-house resolver allows you to accept, reject, postpone or reopen all the requests redirected towards your server. You can also update the action element of a specific intervention (i.e. sanction or item) without breaking anything, but retaining the same 'one-click' functionality.

servers management illustration

Players records

See and adjust the details of your players in real time. Two variants, basic and raw mode, gives you full coverage over the database infromation.

servers management illustration

Items management

Take advantage of our modern, yet complex builder system and define items in a glance. Adjust costs, discounts and 'to do' actions with few clicks.

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